Attitudes Its The Topic

To complete this assignment, students are to select a topic or concept within the science of Psychology, and cited within the textbook, and type and submit a research paper that consists of one thousand (1,000) words within the text.  The paper must be written utilizing no less than, four (4) psychological sources (i.e. periodicals, journals, websites, etc.).  Students are not allowed to utilize information found and cited from either Wikipedia or the associated textbook (King 5th edition). Any submission utilizing either of these as resources will receive a grade of Zero (0).  Information utilized and/or cited from either of these sources will result in a grade of zero (0) for the assignment.  To increase the possibility of getting the best grade, students are encouraged to thoroughly read and follow the guidelines cited within the Module labeled as “An Example of An APA Research Paper” or have their work checked by the tutors located within the TLCC or via the online Writing Resource for APA. via SmartThinking website.   Upon completion of the creation of the research paper, students must deliver their submission in accordance with instructions provided within the designated area of the Assignments section of the course for this assignment.  This assignment must be completed and submitted by No Later Than 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 18, 2020.  LATE assignments received after the due date will receive a grade of 70 = C if no errors are found, but will receive a lower grade if any errors are found within the submitted assignment.  Failure to complete this assignment in accordance with APA Guidelines or not completing the assignment at all will result in a grade of ZERO (0) for the assignment.    There will be NO rewrites of this assignment.

Grading Criteria for Research Paper

In conjunction to compliance with APA Writing Guidelines, the following is to be used as a guide to how the research paper assignment will be graded:

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Required  Non-Compliance (points loss)

Running Header for the Cover Page                                                     -10pts.

Separate Cover Page                                                                             -15 pts

Separate Abstract Page                                                                         -15 pts.

Indented Paragraphs                 -15 pts

Text Lines Double-Spaced                                                                    -15 pts

Parenthetical References (Simplified)                                                   -20 pts

Text Meets Minimum Word Count                                                       -20 pts

Separate Reference Page                                                                      -20 pts

Meeting APA Guidelines                                                                        Failing Grade

URL to APA Writing Guidelines:

Purdue University