astronomy assignment


Astronomy Research Presentation  
Description: You will individually research a specific area of research in astronomy using
reliable/academic sources. You will then put your findings together and record a PowerPoint
presentation using zoom (5-10 minutes). Please follow the instructions on how to record using zoom
in this video. Make sure to submit mp4 file to the canvas- “Project Assignment”.  

Grade: You will be graded based on the rubric below.

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Topic: You may choose absolutely any topic; however everyone must submit a proposal for your
topic to be accepted. For ideas, look at the “List of Possible Topics” below. Topics will be assigned
on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. The sooner you email me via canvas your proposal, the
more likely you are to get the topic you want.

Proposal will consist of:
– Topic: A few sentences specifically explaining the topic you would like to research and
record your presentation.
– Sources: At least TWO reliable/academic sources you have found and intend on using.  
Rubric for Astronomy Research Presentation:  Points
Level (20 points)   
Gives definitions 5
Comparable level to coursework 10
use basic explanation (ties to course/ everyday life) 5
Length (8 points)   
Presentation is at least 5 min and no longer than 10 min 8
Slides (15 points)   
Includes image or something interesting & text on at least 80% of the slides 5
Text written in note form (no sentences) 5
All images and texts are clear and neat 5
Presentation (37 points)   
Organization (intro/ theory/ goals, details/description, conclusion/results/future) 12
Speaks loud and clear in the video 8
Does not read (you can of course use notes and look at your slides!) 8
Displays understanding of the topic 9
Accuracy (10)   
All basic science explained is correct 5
All research explained is correct 5
Sources (10)   
All sources used are listed on the last slide 5
All sources used are reliable 5
Total Points:  100

Other Topics: (must be scientific talks and include data of some sort)
– Astronomy impacts on society – current / recent history

– Astronomy impacts on society – ancient history

Websites that might have other ideas:

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