1. Minimum: 150 words
Post something important you discovered in your analysis of Coca Cola Co, and why you feel it is significant enough to share. How can this discovery aid you in your everyday life?


2. Minimum: 150 words

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Leaders and managers face ethical situations in the course of formulating, choosing, implementing, and evaluating business strategies. As a leader, how would you best ensure that a code of business ethics is read, understood, believed, remembered, and acted upon rather than being ignored? Use credible sources to substantiate your points.


3. Minimum: 150 words
Read the opening case study, Emerging Markets: of Russia. What are some of the major differences between and, and how does the Russian market play a role in these differences? How does entrepreneurial strategy change based on different markets?

4. Minimum: 150 words
Entering a foreign market

  1. Read the following article from the Canadian Business Development Council,
  2. Think about a new business venture that you might choose to create. If you were to consider foreign markets as goals of your new venture, what strategy might you choose to apply to do so?  Why would you choose one strategy over the other (take into account what product or service you might sell and in which country you may do so)?

5. Minimum: 150 words
Non-tariff barriers replaced tariffs as the most trade-inhibiting measures.  Identify one non-tariff barrier and a country that uses it, and explain how this hurts international trade.
In your response, please include at least two professional sources to support your analysis (i.e., business or law journal articles, textbooks, news publications)

6. Minimum: 150 words
What relationship does migration have to international trade? Describe one historical and one present-day example of migration and the effect of each on international trade.
In your response, please include at least two professional sources to support your analysis (i.e., business or law journal articles, textbooks, news publications). 

7. Dispute Settlement: Min 600 words 
Go to the WTO web site and find the dispute settlement page.  From there, select three cases and read the summaries of those cases (or the entire opinion if you wish), providing a proper citation for each case. For each case, identify the parties, describe the nature of the dispute (i.e., what the alleged violation is), and explain how the panel or appellate body resolved the dispute.  Also, note whether this was a panel decision or an appellate body decision. 

8. Subsidies: Min 900 words
Provide a short explanation showing why a country would subsidize a particular industry—what benefit does it provide to them economically or politically?  Then identify a specific example of a country that provided a subsidy to an industry.  What was the nature of that subsidy?  Who requested it?  What impact did it have on the domestic economy?  Was there any outcry or action taken by trading partners of that country?

Support your analysis by referencing and citing at least two credible sources, one of which may be the course textbook. The CSU-Global Library is an excellent place to search for credible and scholarly sources.

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