Assignment 1: Discussion—Conclusion Analysis

Assignment 1: Discussion—Conclusion Analysis

Your conclusion will be the “final punch” of your essay. A good conclusion can leave your reader thinking about a piece of writing for days, pondering its implications and adjusting his or her beliefs because of your argument. A bad conclusion can leave a reader confused and dissatisfied and even wondering about the point of the essay. For this exercise, you will discuss what makes an effective, decisive conclusion.

Review the following three examples of conclusions. Think about whether they sum up all the points one should cover in an essay and whether or not they are convincing. Complete the following:

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  • Grade each of the conclusions below with a letter grade.
  • Give your reasoning for each grade.

Do not grade on whether or not you think the statements are wrong or right. Be sure to look for effectiveness and not opinion.

Conclusion Examples:

  • #1: “An ideal teacher, then, is not just someone who is innovative, caring and dedicated, but it is someone with a lot of stamina. An ideal teacher does not allow his or her personal problems to affect his or her teaching. Neither would he or she be afraid to enforce the rules in the classroom. An ideal teacher is someone who can overcome the many challenges in his or her life and continue to be dedicated to his or her students.”
  • #2: “With obesity and school violence, video games should be restricted from home. Also children should be encouraged to play more sports.”
  • #3: “In conclusion, an ideal businessperson is motivated, dynamic and a go-getter. Ideal businesspersons won’t stop until they get a sale or push their business to greater profits. They don’t forget the little people but they don’t quit climbing. They reach for the stars! It is sort of like with a doctor or a police officer, too. You have to strive for greatness.”

Write a 2-3 sentence rationale per conclusion for a total of 6-9 sentences.

By Saturday, November 3, 2012, post your response to the appropriate Discussion Area.
Through Wednesday, November 7, 2012, review and comment on at least two peers’ responses.


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