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i have 3 pages assigment about the topic down :

Brown 2008 – Cultural Relativism 2.0 [Cultural Anthropology]

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i also atteched artical that you need to get all the informiton from

Assignment Requirements


  1. The review should be 3-4 double spaced, typed pages [1-inch margins, 11 point font]. You should also include a title page with your name, title of your review, and the title and name of the author you are reviewing; the title page is not included in the 3-4 page minimum/maximum; Note: proper grammar, citation, and spelling count. [10 points]

  2. Summarize the article/reading, beginning with a clear statement of the problem or question (thesis) addressed by the article. Include a description of any methods (research methods) used to investigate/explore the problem or question. [20 points]

  3. Discuss the significance and any implications that the research described in your article may have for anthropology (or a specific field of anthropology). In doing so, you will connect the topic to themes covered in this course [25 points].

  4. Discuss any criticisms or alternative (or supporting) research on the problem in your article. You may at this point want to find other reputable (i.e. not a blog posting or op-ed piece) resource to gain a better understanding of any critical perspectives. Make sure to cite any and all outside resources used in your paper! Here I am asking you to think critically about the topic; you don’t need to pick a side per se, but address any possible criticisms; this is not just an ‘opinion piece.’ You should support your arguments with citations [25 points]

  5. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. You should use direct quotes rarely, if at all. Paraphrase or summarize the article and its claims in your own words [i.e. demonstrate that you understand the topic being addressed]. If you have to quote because you are addressing a particular way the author(s) phrases a concept/idea, then be sure to cite appropriately with in-text citations. Both plagiarism and careless citation will be dealt with severely. If you have any questions about proper form, please contact your instructor.






Citation Style: Please use the American Anthropological Association (AAA) style guide ONLY




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