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Researched Essay #2 
Due 10/30 at 11:59p
The Basic Topic:  You will be arguing which of three seemingly similar foods is the “best”–but NOT JUST the best tasting.  Clearly, in order to do so you’ll need to explain

  • the process/methodology and results of your taste test,
  • the chemical/ingredient/cost differences between the three specimens,
  • the corporate/manufacturing/political/moral differences between the companies that produce the foods.

You’ll then apply ALL of that information to your own definition of “best.”
Outcomes/Logic:  Research takes many forms, not all of which involve Googling a topic, reading articles, and responding to them.  This essay will require you to:

  • Consciously engage in independent, valid research (part of the essay will require you to explain how the experimentation part of the assignment is, in fact, valid). This research will require you to write a concrete description of the smell, taste, and texture of food; and to explain, through very specific language, how these foods differ.
  • Communicate/compare numerical and scientific data in an accessible and engaging way (the key concept here is how to most clearly and efficiently explain what, to many, is eye-glazing information about nutrition and food additives).
  • Evaluate biased websites in order to find the “truth” about the companies/corporations that produce the foods.

Submission Rules:
First, understand that this essay will involve MANY smaller assignments that build on each other, all of which you’ll need to submit on time.  Among these will be video proof of your taste test, a text summary of the taste test, charts and graphs regarding the chemical elements of the food samples, and an annotated bibliography that assesses articles you might be able to use in your essay.
The whole essay, finished, must be submitted by 11:59p on October 30.
The smaller parts will be due throughout the next month.
Late essays will be ding-ed by one letter grade per day afterwards; that is, if I get it later in the day or even the next morning, it’s still docked a letter grade.  Please note that the late penalty is to REWARD the people who work to submit their essays on time.
The Essay must include…

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  • an engaging introduction,
  • a written description of the Food Test (this will be very descriptive),
  • a discussion of the ingredients/additives/cost and other data-based components of the foods (this will require you to present numerical or chemical information visually AND verbally),
  • an argument about the quality of the producing companies themselves (you’ll need to evaluate sources for this part), and
  • a conclusion that weighs the above elements in your selection of “the best.”

Evaluation Biggies (i.e., what I’ll mainly look for in when I assess this assignment–please note that these points basically match the General Education Learning Outcomes rubric for Communication):

  • Including all of the required elements of the essay assignment
  • Proving that you have actively engaged in the food test;
  • Following the rules of grammar and punctuation
  • Structuring the essay so your reader can understand your points,
  • Building the essay with developed, organized, coherent paragraphs (remember that the paragraphs in each of the three parts of your essay will not look the same–some are descriptive, some are presenting data, and some are presenting opinion and information you’ve found online
  • Using MLA documentation style (follow tips in Canvas!) and including the minimum number of sources

If you have questions, e-mail me, come see me during office hours, call me during office hours, or even try a Vulcan mid-meld (preferably also during office hours).  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE AMAZING LEARNING COMMONS! The point is to ask questions before the essay is due in order to get the highest grade possible.
the essay needs to have nutritional info, also I need the (Draft of) Description of Food Taste Test
Submit Assignment, and OUTLINE of Nutritional/Chemical Info (Topic sentences)

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