I have art assimnt assignment due this morning at 8 a.m

it is not that hard easy and I want it done as soon as possible


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Also, I will ubload 3 pic that you will talk about



     The first paragraph should begin with an adequate introduction explaining the where, when, why and who information.  This introduction allows you to introduce the artist and the reasons as to why you chose this artist to the reader of the critique. This paragraph should describe the piece of artwork that you are attempting to critique.  This includes: subject matter, title, artist, formal qualities (color, size, composition, style, etc.) and function. Try your best to explain everything that you see.  Imagine that the reader has no idea what the piece looks like and you are giving him a mental image. Only factual information should be in this paragraph, all other information should be left for the second and third paragraphs.




     The second paragraph, will serve as an assessment of how your chosen artist has utilized visual form within the work of art.  You will critique the work of art using visual language that we have studied thus far in the text. Choose no less than three visual elements and no less than two principles of composition for this paragraph.  Explain how the work of art uses these elements and principles to communicate information to the viewer.  This information could be used as content or simple visual form.  Be as intentional with your assessment as possible.  All information should be written as an attempt to assess the visual information that the artist is offering.  This paragraph should not be used as an opportunity to voice your personal opinion about the artwork.  Your personal opinion will be expressed in the third paragraph.  This paragraph is strictly built to give meaning to the imagery that is present.




Paragraph #3
   Paragraph #3 will allow you to express your personal opinion about the images shown.  You will need to express the aesthetic appeal.  Answer the question; “What is the artist attempting to say to me through the use of its visual makeup.”  You should analyze this question differently than the first critique.  Attempt to understand the work of art based upon its formal make-up.  This can still be done by the use of metaphor and content, but should not simply go on feeling alone.  Be sure to connect to the visual elements and principles that you have chosen in the second paragraph.  Then assess whether the piece has been successfully created based upon its overall visual presentation. Lastly, you should end your critique with a statement that sums the work up in regard to your personal connection as well as the visual aspects of the work.







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