Appraise key concepts in relation to management of workplace absence

Discuss     the key concepts of absence management in relation to the     learning outcomes below linking your work to your formative OH     report (will be attached)     
     Learning outcomes:     
     On completion of this module, students are expected to be able     to:     
     1. Appraise key concepts in relation to management of workplace     absence     
     2. Evaluate the role of the Occupational Health Practitioner in     absence management     
     3. Demonstrate knowledge & understanding of employment     legislation, policies and models of human resource management     theory relevant to absence management     
     4. Critically analyse strategies to support employer/employee     attendance management     
5. Appraise interventions to support the assessment of     individuals with one or more long term conditions

Approximate     word allocation Details of content     
     300 Introduction and Key Concepts of workplace absence     management     
     650 The role of the Occupational Health practitioner in     relation to absence management     
     650 Policy and legislation in relevant to absence management.     
     650 Strategies and interventions to support employer/ employee     with absence management in relation to long term conditions and     collaboration with multidisciplinary team.     
     250 Conclusion     
MUST BE USED Key words: Employment law, Collaborative working,     Organisational structures, Systems/policies/procedures, Work     fitness/fit note, Case management, Evidence based tools, Report     writing, Consent and records management, Courageous     conversations, Motivational interviewing, Industrial relations,     Reasonable adjustments, Rehabilitation; Work psychology,     Personal Development Plan

Assignment     should be presented in the following fashion:     
     Double line spacing     
     Page Numbers     
     References Harvard     
Same style / type of font throughout the work

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