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 This week, we discussed skin and respiratory system disorders. Select a topic from your readings, outcomes, objectives, concepts and sub-concepts (below) and present a question that applies to a concept or a disease process, wellness or illness. Submit your question in the following formats: audio, text or webcam. Once your comment has been posted, submit responses to your peers’ questions and comments. Consider the outcomes, objectives and concepts below when formulating your initial question.

Your question and response should explain, illustrate, justify, trace, discuss, compare, contrast, agree or disagree, interpret, evaluate, and summarize.

Weekly Outcomes & Weekly Objectives

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  1. Articulate alterations in structure and function of the respiratory and integumentary systems. (CO 1)
  2. Trace the impact that alterations in the respiratory and integumentary systems have on the body. (CO 2)
  3. Summarize the impact of alterations in the respiratory and integumentary systems on homeostasis. (CO 3)
  4. Understand normal respiratory and integumentary system disorders.
  5. Compare and contrast common respiratory and integumentary disorders: causes, clinical manifestations, diagnostic tests, and treatments.
  6. Apply understanding of alterations in respiratory and integumentary systems across the lifespan to formulate care priorities.
  7. Examine responses to aging and its impact on pathophysiologic changes in the respiratory and integumentary systems.
  8. Describe how heredity and genetics influence pathophysiological alterations in the cardiovascular and integumentary systems.
  9. Examine factors leading to cancers of the respiratory and integumentary systems.

Main Topics and ConceptsSub-Concepts with Exemplar

  1. Alterations in the respiratory system: Oxygenation
    1. Pathological processes in structures and functions
    2. Cancers of the respiratory system
    3. Pathophysiologic respiratory system response to aging
    4. Genetic influences on respiratory system pathology
  2. Alterations in the integumentary system (skin disorders)
    1. Pathological processes of the integumentary system
    2. Cancers of the integumentary system
    3. Genetic influences on the integumentary system
  3. Oxygenation: Upper (Infectious Rhinitis) respiratory condition; Lower respiratory conditions (Pneumonias); atelectasis; pneumothorax
  4. Genetics: Cystic fibrosis and congenital heart defects/anomalies
  5. Acid-Base Imbalance: Arterial blood gases
  6. Acute versus Chronic conditions: Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome (IRDS), Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), and Asthma (single episode), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  7. Cellular adaptation: Lung cancer
  8. Immunity: Inflammatory skin disorders
  9. Infection: wounds; abscess; viral and fungal rashes
  10. Inflammation: skin infection; skin irritation


For full credityour initial post should:

-introduce the question

-include 2 scholarly sources (one is an assigned reading, the other is a journal article or credible website)


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