Application Questions: Must be Awesome Answers

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT ME (to incorporate info into the answers of the below questions) :   I have attained my B.S degree in criminal justice. I have also obtained my guard card by completing the 40 Hr BSIS Course Package from   .. I have also worked as a defense investigator apprentice on murder cases with a defense investigation agency. I have done everything in real world experience with this apprenticeship that the questions ask for as well.


Describe your education, training and/or experience in utilizing intervention and interviewing techniques. Indicate the problem involved and the techniques you used to resolve the issues.
Describe your education, training and/or experience in researching and gathering information to make recommendations regarding behavioral problems.
Describe how you have acquired and applied your knowledge of normal and abnormal human behavior patterns. Indicate the social, economic and psychological forces that contribute to crime and delinquency and what interventions can be taken to solve the problems.
Describe how you have acquired and/or applied your knowledge of drug and alcohol use and abuse. Briefly explain your knowledge of the following: symptoms, physiological effects, social effects, appropriate checks or tests.
Describe your experience in conducting research and interviews regarding a person’s background or performance and how you used the information.


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