Annotated Bibliography

Review the Week Four Lecture Material in the Lessons section so that you are familiar with the annotated bibliography.
Using the APA format, compose an annotated bibliography as a MSWord document. The minimum length should be approximately 100 words per annotation (eight annotations–see details below) with no maximum specified. Make sure your annotations are lengthy enough to adequately describe the source you are listing! The assignment will need to include a title page but NO references page in this case because your annotated entries will include each reference formatted appropriately according to APA. When you examine the examples provided in the Resources section of the course, please note that some of the examples DO NOT use APA. I put them there to emphasize what the annotated description looks like, not the correctness of the format. The OWL link shows how an annotation using APA should look like. See:
For the sake of clarity, you are expected to present your annotations in APA format.

You will use the topic of communication that you have chosen to research during this course to find sources, and then create an annotated bibliography as if your end goal were to write a research paper. Your annotated bibliography should include two (2) scholarly journal articles, two (2) non-scholarly journal articles, two (2) website sources, and two (2) books. Note that there are eight (8) annotations minimum in all. Please organize the annotated bibliography with the four categories of sources and use APA formatted headings. Please refer to the APA Helps and links so that you will know how to present the various types of sources/references used in this assignment with appropriate level headings. NOTE: SELECT RESOURCES THAT WERE PUBLISHED WITHIN THE LAST TEN YEARS

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