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Introduction to Adobe InDesign



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Introduce Adobe InDesign Basics: Getting started with the InDesign workspace, setting up documents, adjusting the application preferences to meet your workflow needs, working with text and image frames, columns and margins to organize your layout, and familiarizing and use toolbar and type.


Workspace overview

You create and manipulate your documents and files using various elements, such as panels, bars, and windows. Any arrangement of these elements is called a workspace. The workspaces of the different applications in Adobe Creative Suiteshare the same appearance so that you can move between the applications easily. You can also adapt each application to the way you work by selecting from several preset workspaces or by creating one of your own.


Although the default workspace layout varies in different products, you manipulate the elements much the same way in all of them.


Design Problem: 

Create a single page format for recipes that could be used in a cookbook.


Indesign Application Outcome: Set up a new single-page document to a specified dimension and format spec. Be able to mange margins and columns, Navigate the Indesign workspace and the indesign toolbar.


Design Outcome: create a page layout design with the goal of organizing text and image information to communicate the subject matter. 


Students will choose 3 recipes and pair it with an appropriate image(s) to illustrate the recipe outcome, i.e. a recipe for grilled asparagus should be illustrated with and image of grilled asparagus. 


Note that an image is not limited to a photograph. An image can be some form of art work such as a hand rendered illustration. You are not limited to one image in this layout however consider one central image as a focal point with supporting images. 



Create three different compositions with three different recipes, arrange each composition to use the grid the student established in a unique manner. Explore the use of a multi column grid. See the examples in the module Assignment 1 examples. PDF


The page size is 5.5”w x 8.5”h (139.7 mm x 215.9 mm). 

Margin size: 

Left margin: 0.75” (19.05 mm)

Right margin: 0.25” (6.35 mm)

Top margin: 0.25” (6.35 mm)

Bottom margin: 0.5” (12.7 mm)


Student Deliverables:

Students will deliver a PDF file and a compressed (ZIP) packaged indesign file that contains the native indesign file and all of the resources that support the file.


Topics for discussion and consideration:

Design principle in this project: Contrast and visual weight.  Think about visual hierarchy in your layout to indicate importance of subject matter. This will help guide the user through the layout.




Assignment Rubric (2)
Assignment Rubric (2)
Criteria Ratings Pts
Meeting all basic requirements of the assignments
3 pts
Design and execution of the project, and file handling
4 pts
Strength and development of the project from starting concept to ending presentation
3 pts
Total Points: 10

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