Administration long term care UNIT 5 (3 PAGES – 5 REFERENCES APA )




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Introduce your paper brief or give a   summary of the work. (You may insert Scenario here)


Grandmother Eunice is an 85-year-old woman living in a   four-bedroom her husband left with her several years ago after his passing.   She had three children who passed away in a tragic road accident a few years   ago and has been alone all these years. Now, she cannot take care of herself.   Grandmother Eunice is losing her mind as she often wanders away from home.   She ran out of her medications and was having trouble refilling them. The   social workers assigned to her come once a month and are not offering any meaningful   help to Grandma Eunice.

A few days ago, she was robbed of her groceries and funds   because she forgot to lock her door at night. Life is becoming too dangerous   for her, and she needs help with her activities of daily living (ADL) and   instrumental activities of daily living (IADL)—everything to keep her   safe. 

From your experience about long-term care and Grandmother   Eunice’s condition, prepare a comprehensive, personalized resident care plan   to meet her needs. Your plan should be simple, comprising of a list of   services that you think she needs, the resources available to her, and   government policies that she can lean on to empower her and improve her   quality of life. 

Your plan must contain and address the following   areas:

  1. Introduction
  2. The problem (think about the aging        process) and the importance of addressing the problem
  3. Assessment (psychological, social,        cultural, emotional needs)
  4. Physical and medical needs (Medicare        and Medicaid and other social programs)
  5. Functional and financial issues
  6. Legal and ethical issues (autonomy, decision        making, paternalism)

Review Scenario and answer the questions under the following headings 

Introduction – student must provide a brief introduction to   the topic

The problem (think about the aging process) and the importance   of addressing the problem (a description of the aging process and health   conditions of the aged)

Resident Assessment 

a) Psychological needs

b) Social needs

c) Cultural needs

d) Emotional needs

Physical & medical needs (Medicare and Medicaid, other   social programs) – needs based on chronic health conditions and needs.   Determined from needs assessment.

Functional and financial issues (Progress from needs   assessment to resources needed to address those needs)

Legal and ethical issues (autonomy, decision making,   paternalism.)

Address abuse and neglect issues

Evaluation of plan using SWOT or PESTLE analysis (Strengths,   weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) or evaluate the program using (PESTLE   analysis – political, economic, Social, Technology, Leadership, and   environmental issues)



Physical & Medical Issues

a) Medicare and Medicaid

b) Other social programs

Functional and Financial issues 

a) Physical functions

b) Financial issues

Legal and Ethical Issues 

a) Autonomy

b) Decision making

c) Paternalism

Abuse and Neglect Issues

Evaluation of Plan

Choose 1 tool here: SWOT or PESTLE analysis

1) SWOT: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

2) PESTLE: Political, economic, social, technology, leadership, and environmental issues



Anderson, Charles, & Johnson. (2021). The impressive psychology paper. Lucerne. (For books)

Smith, M. (2020). Writing a successful paper. The Trey Research Monthly, 53, 149–150. (For articles)

Note: The references section begins on a new page.      

1. Year of publication: In parenthesis following authors, with a period following the closing parenthesis; if no publication date is identified, use “n.d.” in parenthesis following the authors

2. Source reference: Includes title, journal, volume, pages (for journal article) or title, city of publication, publisher (for book)

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