a speech draft, power point, and an Individual Synopsis and Evaluation( 3 – 5 pages)

Help me STEP 4, PLS!

all related files are in the proper APA format of Citations and References

Step #1: Company being researched

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Step 2: Organization Profile will be researched by;

Step 3: Service Profile will researched by;

Step 4: Field Research will be done by;

1) As a group we have decided to answer this question about our company.

CHECK OFF one (1) of the following questions

a. _____How does everyone in the organization know and carry out the customer service vision?

b. _√__Why do customers come to this organization and what factors keep them loyal or returning to do business with this organization?

c. _____Does the online brand/social media of customer service match the day to day experience of the customer at this organization? 

d. ____How does the leadership of the organization model the service culture to the staff and/ or the customers?

e. ____Does the staff get adequate training to carry out top-quality service in this organization? 

f. ____How does the organization measure its own success/ or rate itself in terms of customer service or customer satisfaction? Is this a good measurement? Why or why not?

g. ____How are loyal/ repeat customers cultivated in this organization?

2) As a group we have decided to conduct the field research of our company by;

CHECK OFF at least one (1) of the following: 

· √      Interview with staff, leaders, customers, shareholders

· √      Physically visit the organization location to view how the company operates.

· _____Evaluation of social media or online brand as it relates to customer service and satisfaction.

· ____Carry out a Customer Service Alignment Assessment (Toister, 2017 p.75).

· ____Create and carry out a Service Culture survey of your own making.

Individual Synopsis and Evaluation – 3 – 5 pages

I. Title Page – 1 page

II. Introduction: ½ page

Introduce what you will be discussed in your paper.

III. Main Body of Paper: 1- 2 pages

You must include the following:

· A Brief Description of what your role was in the Group Project.

1) Which step did you research?

2) An interesting fact about the company you researched.

· One thing you learned about group dynamics, servanthood leadership, or service culture working with your group through this Group Project assignment about Leadership as Service. 

· One thing from your working with your group on this Group Project you can apply to your leadership practice now or in the future.

IV. Conclusion: ½ page

1) Summary of what you wrote about in your paper.

V. References: 1 page

You must include at least 6 Citations from a minimum of 3 different sources used in LDRS 300 for this paper.

1. You are expected to use the following sources we have used in LDRS 300 class as references.

1) The three textbooks used in this LDRS 300 classes.

2) Lectures from LDRS 300.

3) Assigned Readings in Moodle for LDRS 300.

4) The Bible

2. Outside academic sources may be used to support your writing, however blogs, social media outlets, Wikipedia, Buzzfeed, Dictionaries, etc. are NOT acceptable sources for references. 


Using APA Style (6th Edition) for paper formatting and references, pay attention to the following:

1. 12pt font, Times New Roman, 

2. double spaced,

3. 2.54 cm margins

4. Include page numbers.

5.  (Checkout APA 7th APA Paper Template and Resources in Moodle for help with APA)

Your paper will not be graded if the conditions outlined above are not met and deductions (2%) for conditions that are not completely met. 

(2% will be deducted for every condition not met in paper)

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