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number 1


Research happens in everyday life. Sometimes you can easily identify research in newspapers and magazines

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Every week, you will be using any of the online newspapers below and finding one article that you can identify that shows some sort of research. Look for phrases such as “according to a study”, specific data or percentage changes. Pay attention to how that study or data is used and explained in the article. Steer away from opinion articles. Share the link, the author’s full name, the date the article was published and the title of the article.

  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • The Chicago Sun-Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Journal Sentinel

For this module, address the following;

  • Find a newspaper article that discusses research in some way. 
  • Do you see a trend? 
  • Is there anything that surprises you? 
  • How are the media using quality research?


number 2


you will take the attached doument make corrections from the notes on the side and the teachers notes at the top and fix the paper to what they ask for. Also you will add 2 more book refrences and add 2 more pages to the paper.


the paper should read as one cohesive unit, with smooth transitions, presenting your chosen topic as encapsulated in the thesis and projected in the outline. Standard mechanics should be checked and rechecked throughout for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and writing style.

Remember to finalize your References Page and list your research sources in APA format. Check for complete APA formatting guidelines


number 3 


It has been said that “every photograph is a self-portrait.” Reflect on this statement and what you’ve learned in this course.

In a brief 1-page essay apa format with refrences, explain what is meant by the statement above and how you can apply your learning from this course to your future career.


number 4

Huxley has been hailed as a genius. In a 1-2 page paper  apa formt with refrences discuss why Huxley’s statement “the more you know the more you see” is so important? Include your own personal feelings on if you agree or disagree with this statement.


number 5


We have had a successful course full of readings and discussions. Now it is time to apply your learning to an article in the media and to share it with the class in the form of a discussion.

First, look in reputable publications for an article that addresses any issue from the course. For example, find an article in the New York Times about the portrayal of race in the media; or an article in the Los Angeles Times about a new generation of shock advertising.

Bring this article to the table, so to speak, in the form of a discussion by summarizing your article, its contents, views, and relevance to this class. If the article is available online, be sure to include a link to the article. If not, cite the source.


number 6

respond to this


The article I have chosen for this discussion actually was very fitting; it involved shocking advertisements and the death of empathy in the media and those who watch it.


This article describes the imagery of a man dying of a heart attack, his life flashing before his eyes, spending his life standing in front of a copy machine. The message of this advertisement: don’t spend your life making copies, do it from your printer at home. Sad that the imagery we receive is from a poor man and his life ending and the message we should be receiving is as simple as making copies. Our desensitization of  death, dying, and the afterlife has made it possible for advertising companies to take advantage of that desensitization and profit from it by selling home copy machines and printers (Stamler, 2001).




Stamler, B. (2001, February 2). Advertising: Shock advertisers make use of death and dying. Retrieved February 9, 2014, from The New York Times: 

In your response , try to identify the potential effect or future implications of the issue presented.

now in your responce to this 





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