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Explain how popular culture has “no fixed forms”. What does this mean? Given the problematic nature of studying popular culture, because it is largely based on the tastes or favoritisms of social groups, we will discuss the ever-changing nature of popular culture. Give examples, in your own words, of how popular culture underwent major shifts during the postwar era

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First of all, we’re going to be talking about popular culture the entire session, so we really need to define what we’re talking about here.  What is popular culture, anyway?  How do we determine what constitutes popular culture?  How do we measure “popularity?”  How do we study popular culture?  What are some of the problems encountered in this pursuit?  In your opinion, is popular culture a legitimate field of study?  Why or why not?

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Are you a born leader? If yes, provide examples of how you would prove it. If no, where are you short? Are you more comfortable as a leader or a follower? Why?

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When is participative leadership most likely to be effective? When not? Provide an example of when you’ve seen participative leadership in your experience be effective or ineffective.

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Discuss the concept of “domestic containment”. How did this concept operate in 1950’s-1960’s America? Why was it destined to ultimately fail? Give an example of one of the values present in domestic containment, and explain why it did not apply to the increasingly independent youth culture during the 1960’s.

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Define the “McCarthyism”. Explain how this term was created. How did McCarthyism affect Hollywood during the cold war era?



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