4311 free cash flow firm valuation


4311 Finance Lab

Time Allowed: 30 Hours

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Free Cash Flow Firm Valuation

For this task, you are required to write a 1100 word report based on the excel file containing data analysis. You need to have financial analysis background to complete this task. Attached is a report format which will cover the following outline:

Executive Summary (150 words)

Introduction (150 words)

Data and Sample (200 words)

Results (200 words)

Excel Macros and Command Explanations: (300 words)

Conclusion (150 words)


Attached below is a sample report (Miguel_1) that was done on a similar report but on different data. This paper received a high grade thus please align your report with the attached report. The support files that were used for the Miguel_1 financial report are named:



For reference, refer to the sample just to get the project going.