300 Words Discussion

Discussion point: (300 Words Minimum)

Web Analytics is a valuable tool, it allows you to track mobile users, mobile websites and mobile applications whether or not the mobile device runs JavaScript. This is made possible by using a server-side code snippet on your mobile website.

Question: With the multi-millions of mobile users in the U.S. alone, is it a good business decision to track mobile users who visit your web site and why, please support your answer with examples? Please, include the following in your discussion post.

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Compare and Contrast the business decision to track mobile users that visit your website.

Describe why this would be a good or bad decision for your company to pursue.

Cookies, what DO they DO?

In the world of Web analytics there is a debate revolving around cookies that never seems to be resolved or truly understood. Cookies are a very simple and well-established way to track visitors to your web site. However, their simplicity and transparency makes it very easy for users to turn off cookies or delete them from their computers. Cookie information is vital for web analytics because it identifies visitors, their referring source, and subsequent page view data. What is a business to do?!

The new Pokémon Go (https://nianticlabs.com/privacy/en/) has been released for Smartphones! It’s the latest craze or just crazy?! Check out the terms of service/privacy policy and this snippet on last week’s topic – cookies. Provide your analysis on the policy snippet or the entire policy itself. Pokémon Go! or Pokémon No! What do you decide?