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Carefully include these three parts in your entry: Take time to reflect on your Jam experience. You will submit an artifact AND 300-500 words or 1-2 pages, college level writing, double-spaced submitted as part of the College One Section of the Jam Reflection Tab in your ePortfolio. a) Reflect: Describe some specific things that happened at your Jam. Comment on how Jam influenced your expectations for what will happen in college and how expectations connect to your reasons for going to college. Explain any significant differences between your thinking before Jam and after Jam. Are there other things that you learned in your Jam experience that were significant to you? b) Reflect: Think of all of the people that were a part of your Jam experience: tutors, coaches, counselor, professors, or peers. Name the people or conversations that were the most significant to you during the Jam and describe their significance. Name a resource on campus that you learned about in the Jam. How do you plan to use that campus resource this semester? Describe how community or resources might be important as the semester gets more intense (write about peers) c) Artifact: Video – Attach a 1-2 minute video artifact (YouTube URL) for this piece. In the video, introduce a person that you met during Jam or a significant campus resource that you learned about during Jam. Also include a description of the significance of that person that you met or the resource that you introduce. Write a brief caption explaining this artifact and why you chose it.

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