2 page..4 hours

In this module we learn about the Personal Health Record (PHR). Follow the directions for Critical Thinking Exercise 68 to research the PHR. In your 2-page comparative analysis, be sure to address each of the questions listed, and describe and compare the two PHRs you researched. 

Be sure to proofread your work for correct grammar and spelling. And don’t forget to cite your sources using APA format


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Critical Thinking Exercise 68: Researching the PHR

You will need access to the Internet to complete this exercise.

Step 1

Start your web browser.

Listed below are six PHR web sites. Additionally, your local hospital, health

insurance plan, or certain government programs may also offer PHR that you

may use for this exercise. Select at least two sites to use for your will research.




Step 2

Type the URL of your first choice in the address field of your web browser.

When the web site is displayed, read the information provided about that orga-

nization’s PHR. Many of the sites offer a demonstration version, if one is avail-

able click on it.

Take notes or print pages of the web site. You will use these in step 4.

Step 3

Type the second URL you have chosen in the address field of your web browser.

Study the information presented on the second site, taking notes or printing

pages as you did in step 2.

Step 4

Write a comparative analysis of the web sites you have visited. Include the

following information in your report:

What entity owns or operates the PHR web site?

Is the owner a nonprofit or for-profit corporation?

Compare the features offered by the two PHR.

Were there any significant advantages of one over the other?

Compare the two PHR for ease of use.


When you have finished, give your completed report to your instructor.

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