12-15 page research paper on the Tampa International Airport in APA. Have template, abstract and requirements attached

Airports1.  The airport I chose was the Tampa International AIrport in Florida  

Select a specific civil airport located anywhere in the world and serving commercial airlines, then:

a.Describe briefly the airport and its owner/operator, airlines serving the airport, and the city, cities or region served by the airport.

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b.Identify the governmental agency or authority or private enterprise responsible for providing security screening of passengers and cargo at the airport.

c.Identify government legal actions taken there to:i.protect the surrounding airspace from obstruction by obstacles,ii.assure that land uses surrounding the airport are compatible with aircraft noise,iii.establish runway use preferences, approach and departure paths to minimize aircraft noise impact on surrounding communities.

d.Identify the specific government agency or authority that took each such action.

e.Identify the source and type of government legal powers relied on to accomplish each of these actions.

f.Include images illustrating the airport and vicinity relating to those specific actions.g.Identify and briefly describe all airline accidents that have occurred at or in the vicinity of that airport since 1/01/2000, including the probable cause of each.

h.Identify current airport noise and safety issues that remain of concern to the community and any current activity to address those issues.i.Analyze whether the airport’s level of activity and forecast air traffic demand appear sustainable at the present location for the long term, clearly explaining your reasoning.

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