● Discuss 2 specific strategies to meet the client’s needs identified in

Comprehensive Assessment

POST OP DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS (DVT)- 500 words – APA 6th edition referencing style  

2. Comprehensive assessment 

● Discuss 2 areas of the systematic assessments relevant to the client and their associated condition. 

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● Include in your discussion 2 risk assessments that may be relevant for this client, including why they were chosen. 

● Refer also to culture, ethnicity, family and the inter-professional team. 

● Use scholarly literature to support your discussion. 3. Plan nursing care based on your assessments of the patient 

● Discuss 2 specific strategies to meet the client’s needs identified in 

·       what is meant by systemic assessments relevant to john’s condition in section 2? Head to toe assessment e.g. CNS, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, renal, integumentary, musculoskeletal, GIT, reproductive, immune, psychosocial. It should be relevant to the patient i.e either his current situation so, immobile due to post ob knee surgery- musculoskeletal assessment ROM.  He has a cardiac or diabetic history so you might discuss this part of the assessment and why it would be relevant to this patient.


What is risk assessment? – falls risk, waterlow pressure assessment etc..

·       Do we choose 2 areas of systematic assessments relevant to osteoarthritis or DVT?? Or all of his medical history? You can choose it relevant to the patients osteoarthritis, post op- so musculoskeletal, his cardiac history so cardiac assessment, endocrine as he is a diabetic.  You will need to however justify why you have chosen to discuss a particular system relevant to your patient.


section 3. Do you 2 specific strategies for previous assessment identified in section 2 or 2 specific strategies to prevent post op conditions or both? This qs was quite unclear but here goes.. you need to look at your chosen assesments e.g say musculoskeletal and discuss 2 strategies to meet the clients needs.  So for this patient he has just had knee surgery so some strategies might be early mobilisation, adequate pain management (from a nursing scope) to allow him to mobilise sooner.